Territory / 2012


Photo series "Territory" is focused on boundaries between the public and the private space in the urban landscape which is related to specifics of vision and perception. Each image features a guard and his guardhouse. Guard booths are architecturally inexpressive and humble, although present in the urban landscape. Landscape serves as evidence of the way in which people populate and move around certain territories. 

Each of the images feature the moment at which the guard has spotted or is approaching the photographer. It is a brief moment in time, one that can be described as an intermediate and tense situation before the actual event. Photos are captured in twilight conditions, when the lighting is visible. Contemporary architecture is unthinkable without the light. Light plays an important role in highlighting and hiding. While modern society is used to draw boundaries dividing their property, in a urban landscape borderlines converge and can not be determined.   

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Territory / 2011

design HOFMAN